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Aigbiluese Eronmonsele

Hi there! 👋

About Me

My name is Aigbiluese Eronmonsele but most people call me Erons(as it is easier to pronounce and remember). I live at Abuja, Nigeria with my family. I love learning new things and sharing my knowledge with other people. I also enjoy and spend most of my time solving coding and math challenges. In my free time, I watch Football, movies, listen to music or spend time with friends and family.


I design and build beautiful websites and web applications from scratch and with some awesome technologies. I also enjoy getting involved in open source projects and am always on the lookout for new technologies to build awesome stuff. As at present, I'm comfortable with the following.

web design

Web Design

I design beautiful website templates and mockups with offline and cloud based tools like PhotoShop, Xd and Figma.

responsive and accessible website

Responsive Websites

I try to make my projects work on almost any device. From small mobile phones to large screens.

web application

Web Applications

I build and maintain web based applications.

version control

Version Control

I extensively make use of distributed version control and remote systems like Git and GitHub for my projects.


You can reach me directly via E-mail, Twitter or Linkedin.